46 CFR 281.2 - Definitions.

§ 281.2 Definitions.
As used in §§ 281.2 through 281.6 of these regulations, except as otherwise indicated by the context;
(a) The word operator means an operator receiving operating-differential subsidy under title VI of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended (Act), for a voyage on an essential service as described in section 211(a) of the Act;
(b) The term Maritime Administrator means Maritime Administrator, Department of Transportation;
(c) The term Region Director means the Region Director of the Maritime Administration having jurisdiction over the port or ports involved;
(d) The term idle status means any period in port between or during voyages for which the vessel's normal crew complement is reduced by 10 percent or more and division of wages is not paid for the missing men. The idle status period shall continue up to, but not including, the day that the vessel is remanned to the extent that the vessel's normal crew complement is restored to more than 90 percent or division of wages is paid for the missing men, or the vessel is temporarily or permanently withdrawn from subsidized service;
(e) Normal crew complement means the basic crew complement which has been approved for operating-differential subsidy under the provisions of section 603 of the Act, or as established by collective bargaining or other agreement for the voyage involved, whichever is less.
[G.O. 27, Rev. 2, 37 FR 18466, Sept. 12, 1972]
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