46 CFR 281.4 - Treatment of subsidy during idle status and off-hire period.

§ 281.4 Treatment of subsidy during idle status and off-hire period.
During an idle status period, subsidy shall be payable only for such subsidizable items of expenses as are determined by the Maritime Administrator, after presentation by the operator of the facts relating to such idle status period, to be necessary for the maintenance, preservation, repair, or husbanding of the vessel during and under the circumstances involved; however, the Maritime Subsidy Board reserves the right to suspend at any time the payment of subsidy on idle vessels when, after consideration of the facts and circumstances regarding such period, it determines that an unreasonable period has elapsed or such idle period was not warranted: Provided, That as to a chartered ship operated under a “Use Agreement”, operating-differential subsidy shall cease to accrue to the ship simultaneously with the time it goes “off hire” and subsidy shall not again accrue to said ship until it is reemployed in the subsidized service as determined in accordance with § 281.3. Nothing herein shall limit any other rights of the United States with respect to the payment or nonpayment of subsidy.
[G.O. 27, Rev. 2, 37 FR 18466, Sept. 12, 1972]

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