46 CFR § 298.30 - Nature and content of Obligations.

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§ 298.30 Nature and content of Obligations.

(a) Single page. An Obligation, in the form of a note, bond of any type, or other debt instrument, when engraved, printed or lithographed on a single sheet of paper must include on its face the:

(1) Name of the Obligor,

(2) Principal sum,

(3) Rate of interest,

(4) Date of maturity, and

(5) Guarantee of the United States, authenticated by the Indenture Trustee, if any.

(b) Several pages. If the Obligation is typewritten, printed or reproduced by other means on several pages of paper, the Guarantee of the United States and the authentication certificate of the Indenture Trustee, if any, may appear at the end of the typewritten Obligation.

(c) Rights and responsibilities. The instrument which is evidence of indebtedness shall also contain all information necessary to apprise the Obligees of their rights and responsibilities including, but not limited to:

(1) Time and manner for payment of principal and interest,

(2) Redemptions,

(3) Default procedure, and

(4) Notification (in case of registered Obligations) of sale or other transfer of the instruments.