46 CFR § 298.39 - Exemptions.

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§ 298.39 Exemptions.

We may exempt an applicant from any requirement of this part, unless required by statute or other regulations, in exceptional cases, on written findings that:

(a) The case materially involves factors not considered in the promulgation of this part;


(1) A national emergency makes it necessary to approve the exemption, or

(2) The exemption will substantially relieve the financial liability of the United States;

(c) The exemption will not substantially impact effective regulation of the Title XI program, consistent with the objectives of this part;

(d) The exemption will not be unjustly discriminatory; and

(e) For Eligible Export Vessels, such exemption would assist in creating financing terms that would be compatible with export credit terms for the sale of vessels built in shipyards other than those in the United States.