46 CFR § 31.05-1 - Issuance of certificate of inspection—TB/ALL.

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§ 31.05-1 Issuance of certificate of inspection—TB/ALL.

(a) When a tank vessel is found to comply with all applicable regulations, including the applicable provisions of subchapters E, F, J, O, Q, S, and W of this chapter and of 33 CFR parts 104, 155, and 157, the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection will issue a certificate of inspection to the vessel or to its owners.

(b) Certificates of inspection for tank vessels shall be similar in form to certificates issued to other cargo vessels, and in addition to the manning requirements and waters over which they may be operated, they shall be appropriately endorsed Inspected and approved for the carriage of flammable or combustible liquids of Grade A, B, C, D, or E (as the case may be), and such endorsement shall serve as a permit for such vessel to operate. The endorsement for the carriage of liquefied flammable gases is set forth in § 38.01-5 of this subchapter.

(c) The certificate of inspection shall be delivered to the master or owner of the tank vessel to which it relates.

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