46 CFR ยง 329.6 - Sec. 6 General provisions.

Sec. 6 General provisions.

(a) In cases of overlapping activities and all other questions arising in respect to voyage commencements, terminations and idle status periods as defined in sections 4 and 5 of this order, the General Agent shall immediately inform the nearest Coast Director, or his local representative of the circumstances and submit recommendations for terminating a voyage. The resulting recommendations, decisions and instructions shall be confirmed in writing to the General Agent, with a copy of such correspondence being sent to the Division of Operations, N.S.A., Washington 25, DC.

(b) In the event a vessel is employed in intermediate voyage or voyages, or in cross trading outside the continental United States, the voyage shall continue until terminated at a continental United States port.

(c) There shall be no voyage terminations outside continental United States ports except in cases of,

(1) Total loss or constructive total loss of the vessel.

(2) Transfer of operations.