46 CFR ยง 329.7 - Sec. 7 Operation under current GAA/MSTS Southeast Asia Program.

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Sec. 7 Operation under current GAA/MSTS Southeast Asia Program.

In order to adapt the provisions of NSA Order 35 (OPR-2) to the particular circumstances of the present GAA/MSTS Southeast Asia Program, the following material partially modifying certain sections of that order is published.

For General Agency operations not related to the current GAA/MSTS Southeast Asia Program, NSA Order 35 (OPR-2) remains unchanged and wholly applicable. Except where specifically altered by the material which follows, it also remains applicable to the present situation.
For voyages made under the current GAA/MSTS program only, the following provisions concerning voyage commencements and terminations shall apply in lieu of those appearing in sections 3 and 4 of NSA Order 35 (OPR-2). Continental United States ports do not include ports in the states of Alaska or Hawaii.

(a) The commencement of the initial voyage shall occur in a continental U.S. port at 0001 hours of the day the vessel is tendered and accepted for use by MSTS. Subsequent voyages shall commence in a continental U.S. port at 0001 hours of the day after either of the following activities occurs:

(1) The previous voyage terminates.

(2) Reduced operational status period terminates and vessel returns to full operational status.

(b) Voyages shall terminate in a continental U.S. port at 2400 hours of the day that the following action is completed:

(1) Paying off of the crew from sea articles.

(c) Since, in all instances, the voyage termination procedure takes precedence over the voyage commencement procedure and since it is mandatory that voyages terminate in a continental U.S. port, the following exception to the requirement of paragraph (b) of this section shall be effective when warranted:

(1) If the vessel completes payoff as in paragraph (b) of this section and takes departure within the same calendar day, the General Agent shall immediately inform the nearest Coast Director of Area Representative of the circumstances and submit recommendations regarding voyage termination. The resulting recommendations, decisions, and instructions shall be confirmed in writing to the General Agent, copy to Division of Operations, Washington, DC 20590.

(d) Where a vessel is employed in intermediate voyages or in cross trading outside the continental United States, the original voyage shall continue until terminated under conditions in paragraph (b) of this section.

[OPR-2, Amdt. 3, 33 FR 6710, May 2, 1968. Redesignated at 45 FR 44587, July 1, 1980]