46 CFR § 336.3 - Sec. 3 General provisions.

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Sec. 3 General provisions.

(a) The voyage repairs, as covered by section 2(a), may be awarded by the General Agents within the limitation specified under the Master Repair Contract if the contractor is a holder thereof or if the contractor does not hold a Master Repair Contract under NSA-WORKSMALREP if the contract price does not exceed $2,000 and said contract is made in accordance with NSA Order 46 (SRM-5, Revised) and NSA Order 51 (SRM-6, Revised).

(b) The repairs to or servicing of ships equipment, as covered by section 2(b), may be awarded by the General Agents, within the limitation specified, by letter or purchase order.

(c) It is to be understood by all General Agents that the authority delegated by this order is not to be construed to cover alterations, additions, changes or betterments.

(d) The prime General Agents shall submit, in duplicate, to the Atlantic, Gulf or Pacific Coast Director, Maritime Administration, within whose District the Agents home offices are situated a monthly listing of all awards made by the General Agents and their Sub-Agents. This listing shall reflect individually the contractor, complete contract number, vessel, type of award, e.g., negotiated or bid, cost and repair period. This listing is to be submitted substantially in the following form:

Contractor Contract No. Vessel Award Amount Start Completed
Steamboat Repairs, Inc MA-600-USL-1 John Doe Bid $8,000 Jan. 1, 1953 Jan. 9, 1953
Steamboat Repairs, Inc MA-600-USL-1A John Doe Negotiated 1,000 Jan. 10, 1953
A copy of the monthly listing shall be forwarded by each prime General Agent to each Coast Director of the District in which any of the work involved was awarded. If no work was awarded by a General Agent under his delegated authority, a report to that effect shall be submitted to the pertinent Coast Director as prescribed in this section. The required reports shall be submitted to the Coast Directors within five (5) days after the last day of the month being reported upon. This reporting requirement has been approved by the Bureau of the Budget in accordance with the Federal Reports Act of 1942.

Records and supporting documents referred to in the above order, shall be retained until the completion of the audit by the General Accounting Office, at which time the Maritime Administration will take custody of the records.

[SRM-3, Rev., 18 FR 5035, Aug. 22, 1953, as amended at 21 FR 8106, Oct. 23, 1956. Redesignated at 45 FR 44587, July 1, 1980]