46 CFR § 38.05-25 - Refrigerated systems - TB/ALL.

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§ 38.05-25 Refrigerated systems - TB/ALL.

(a) When a liquefied flammable gas is carried below atmospheric temperature under the requirements of § 38.05-3(f) or § 38.05-4, maintenance of the tank pressure below the maximum allowable pressure shall be provided by one or more of the following means:

(1) A refrigeration or liquefication system which regulates the pressure in the tanks. A standby compressor or equivalent equipment, of a capacity equal to one of the working units shall be provided.

(2) A system whereby the vapors are utilized as fuel for shipboard use.

(3) A system allowing the liquefied flammable gas to warm up and increase in pressure. The insulation and tank design pressure shall be adequate to provide for a suitable margin for the operating time and temperatures involved.

(4) Other systems acceptable to the Commandant.

(b) A system whereby the vapors are vented to the atmosphere at sea only may be employed in conjunction with paragraph (a)(1) of this section. The pressure control valves shall be independent of the safety relief valves. See § 38.20-1(j).

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