46 CFR § 38.05-5 - Markings - TB/ALL.

§ 38.05-5 Markings - TB/ALL.


(1) Upon satisfactory completion of tests and inspection, pressure vessel and nonpressure vessel type cargo tanks, shall have markings as required by § 54.10-20 of subchapter F (Marine Engineering) of this chapter except that for nonpressure vessel type tanks, the Coast Guard number and pressure vessel class shall be omitted.

(2) Hydrostatic test for pressure vessel type tanks shall be that specified in § 38.25-1(b). In the case of nonpressure vessel type tanks, the hydrostatic test pressure shall mean the pressure specified in § 38.25-1(d), while the maximum allowable pressure shall mean the maximum venting pressure as used in § 38.05-4(e). Where it is not feasible to attach the nameplate to the tank, it shall be conspicuously displayed nearby.

(b) All tank inlet and outlet connections, except safety relief valves, liquid level gaging devices, and pressure gages, shall be labeled to designate whether they terminate in the vapor or liquid space. Labels of corrosion-resistant material may be attached to valves.

(c) All tank markings shall be permanently and legibly stamped in a readily visible position, and shall not be obscured by painting. If the tanks are lagged, the markings attached to the tank proper shall be duplicated on a corrosion-resistant plate secured to the outside jacket of the lagging.

[CGFR 66-33, 31 FR 15269, Dec. 6, 1966, as amended by CGFR 68-82, 33 FR 18807, Dec. 18, 1968]