46 CFR § 38.10-10 - Cargo piping - TB/ALL.

§ 38.10-10 Cargo piping - TB/ALL.

(a) The piping shall be designed for a working pressure of not less than the maximum pressure to which it may be subjected but in no case less than the design pressure of the cargo tanks. In the case of piping on the discharge side of the liquid pumps or vapor compressors, the design pressure shall not be less than the pump or compressor discharge relief valve setting; or, provided the piping is not protected by relief valves, the design pressure shall not be less than the total discharge head of the pump or compressor.

(b) Piping subject to tank pressure shall be seamless drawn steel or electric resistance welded steel. Pipe used in refrigerated tank systems shall be of a material which is suitable for the minimum service temperature to which it may be subjected, according to the requirements of part 56 of subchapter F (Marine Engineering) of this chapter.

(c) Piping shall be provided with adequate support to take the weight of the piping off valves and fittings and to prevent excessive vibration and stresses on tank connections.

(d) For nonpressure vessel type tanks, the cargo handling arrangements and piping shall provide for emptying of a damaged tank, including cargo contained by a secondary barrier.

[CGFR 66-33, 31 FR 15269, Dec. 6, 1966, as amended by CGFR 68-82, 33 FR 18807, Dec. 18, 1968]

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