46 CFR § 38.10-20 - Liquid level gaging devices - TB/ALL.

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§ 38.10-20 Liquid level gaging devices - TB/ALL.

(a) Each tank shall be fitted with a liquid level gaging device of approved design to indicate the maximum level to which the tank may be filled with liquid:

(1) Between −20 °F. and 130 °F. for unrefrigerated service; or,

(2) Within the operating temperature range for tanks operating below atmospheric temperature.

(b) Liquid level gaging devices may be of the following types: Rotary tube, slip tube, magnetic, automatic float, or similar types approved by the Commandant. Except as otherwise provided in this section, fixed tube devices are not acceptable as the primary gaging device.

(c) All gaging devices shall be arranged so that the maximum liquid level for product being carried, to which the tank may be filled is readily determinable. The maximum gallonage capacity as required by § 38.15-1 shall be:

(1) Marked on the tank system nameplate or gaging device; or,

(2) Shown in the ullage tables.

(d) Gaging devices that require bleeding of the product to the atmosphere, such as the rotary tube, fixed tube, and slip tube, shall be so designed that the bleed valve maximum opening is not larger than a No. 54 drill size (0.055-inch diameter), unless provided with an excess flow valve.

(e) For pressure vessel type tanks each automatic float, continuous reading tape or similar type gage not mounted directly on the tank or dome shall be fitted with a shutoff device located as close to the tank as practicable. When an automatic float gaging device, which gages the entire height of the tank is used, a fixed tube gage set in the range of 85 percent to 90 percent of the water capacity of the tank shall be provided in addition as a means of checking the accuracy of the automatic float, gage, or other alternate means acceptable to the Commandant may be used.

(f) A gaging device shall be designed for a pressure at least equal to the maximum allowable pressure of the tank on which it is installed.

(g) Gage glasses of the columnar type are prohibited.

(h) Flat sight glasses may be used in the design of automatic float continuous reading tape gages: Provided, That such glasses shall be made of high strength material suitable for the operating temperatures of not less than one-half inch in thickness and adequately protected by a metal cover.

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