46 CFR § 42.05-45 - International voyage.

(a) The term international voyage as used in this part shall have the same meaning as the term international voyage in Article 2(4) of the 1966 Convention. Except for vessels operating solely on the waters indicated in Article 5(2) of the 1966 Convention, an international voyage means a sea voyage from any country to a port outside such country, or conversely. For this purpose, every territory for the international relations of which any specific Contracting Government is responsible or for which the United Nations are the administering authority is regarded as a separate country.

(b) The 1966 Convention does not apply to vessels solely navigating the Great Lakes. Accordingly, such vessels shall not be considered as being on an international voyage for the purpose of this subchapter.

(c) For the purpose of administration of load line requirements in this subchapter, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Territory of Guam, the Virgin Islands, and all possessions and lands held by the United States under a protectorate or mandate shall each be considered to be a territory of the United States.

[CGFR 68-60, 33 FR 10051, July 12, 1968]

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