46 CFR § 42.09-35 - Additional survey requirements for wood-hull vessels.

§ 42.09-35 Additional survey requirements for wood-hull vessels.

(a) In addition to the requirements in § 42.09-25, the surveyor of the assigning authority shall examine the items, etc., listed in this section, to determine if in satisfactory condition and meeting the applicable requirements in this subchapter.

(b) When the vessel is in drydock or hauled out, the keel, stem, stern frame or sternpost, outside planking, and caulking shall be examined.

(c) The fasteners shall be examined. Bolts, screws, or equivalent fastenings, as deemed necessary by the surveyor, must be backed out, or otherwise dealt with, to ensure soundness.

(d) The holds, 'tween decks, peaks, bilges, machinery spaces, and bunkers shall be examined.

(e) The entire structure, including decks, shall be examined. If considered necessary by the surveyor, borings shall be made, or other means may be used, to ascertain the condition of the materials. Should these measures disclose sufficient cause, further examination to satisfy the surveyor as to the true condition shall be made and check locations listed. This list shall be submitted to the assigning and issuing authority for record purposes, and for use in subsequent surveys.

[CGFR 68-60, 33 FR 10057, July 12, 1968]

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