46 CFR 42.15-50 - Air pipes.

§ 42.15-50 Air pipes.

(a) Where air pipes to ballast and other tanks extend above the freeboard or superstructure decks, the exposed parts of the pipes shall be of substantial construction; the height from the deck to the point where water may have access below shall be at least 30 inches on the freeboard deck and 17 1/2 inches on the superstructure deck. Where these heights may interfere with the working of the vessel, a lower height may be approved, provided the assigning authority is satisfied that the closing arrangements and other circumstances justify a lower height. Satisfactory means permanently attached, shall be provided for closing the openings of the air pipes.

[CGFR 68-60, 33 FR 10062, July 12, 1968, as amended by CGFR 68-126, 34 FR 9014, June 5, 1969]