46 CFR § 50.10-30 - Coast Guard number.

§ 50.10-30 Coast Guard number.

(a) The Coast Guard number means that number assigned to boilers and pressure vessels by the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, who makes the final tests and inspections.

(b) The Coast Guard number shall be stamped on the nameplates of boilers and pressure vessels.

(c) The Coast Guard number is comprised of the following:

(1) Three capital letters which identify the office of the issuing Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (see table 50.10-30); followed by,

(2) An OCMI serial number, by which the particular boiler or pressure vessel can be identified; the first two digits of which will identify the calendar year the number was assigned.

Table 50.10-30 - Previous Sector Office Identification Letters in Coast Guard Numbers for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Identification Sector
ALB Albany.
ANC Anchorage.
BAL Baltimore.
BOS Boston.
BUF Buffalo.
CHA Charleston.
CHI Chicago.
CIN Cincinnati.
CLE Cleveland.
COR Corpus Christi.
DET Detroit.
DUL Duluth.
GAL Galveston.
GUA Guam.
HON Honolulu.
HOU Houston.
HRV Hampton Roads, VA.
HUN Huntington.
JAC Jacksonville.
JUN Juneau.
LIS Long Island.
LOS Los Angeles.
LOU Louisville.
MEM Memphis.
MIA Miami.
MIL Milwaukee.
MIN Minneapolis.
MOB Mobile.
MOR Morgan City.
NAS Nashville.
NEW New Orleans.
NYC New York.
PAD Paducah.
PAT Port Arthur.
PHI Philadelphia.
PIT Pittsburgh.
POM Portland, ME.
POR Portland, OR.
PRO Providence.
ROT Rotterdam.
SAV Savannah.
SDC San Diego.
SEA Seattle.
SFC San Francisco.
SIM Saint Ignace.
SJP San Juan.
SLM St. Louis.
STB Sturgeon Bay.
TAM Tampa.
TOL Toledo.
VAL Valdez.
WNC Wilmington, NC.
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