46 CFR § 503.53 - Oversight Committee.

§ 503.53 Oversight Committee.

An Oversight Committee is established, under the chairmanship of the Senior Agency Official with the following responsibilities:

(a) Establish a Commission security education program to familiarize all personnel who have or may have access to classified information with the provisions of Executive Order 13526 and directives of the Information Security Oversight Office. The program shall include initial, refresher, and termination briefings;

(b) Establish controls to ensure that classified information is used, processed, stored, reproduced, and transmitted only under conditions that will provide adequate protection and prevent access by unauthorized persons;

(c) Act on all suggestions and complaints concerning the Commission's information security program;

(d) Recommend appropriate administrative action to correct abuse or violations of any provision of Executive Order 13526; and

(e) Consider and decide other questions concerning classification and declassification that may be brought before it.

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