46 CFR § 535.603 - Comment.

§ 535.603 Comment.

(a) Persons may file with the Secretary written comments, including relevant information and documents, regarding a filed agreement. Commenters may submit the comment by email to secretary@fmc.gov or deliver to Secretary, Federal Maritime Commission, 800 N Capitol St. NW, Washington, DC 20573–0001. The Commission will treat such comments as confidential in accordance with § 535.608.

(b) The filing of a comment does not entitle a person to:

(1) A reply to the comment by the Commission;

(2) The institution of any Commission or court proceeding;

(3) Discussion of the comment in any Commission or court proceeding concerning the filed agreement; or

(4) Participation in any proceeding that may be instituted.

[69 FR 64414, Nov. 4, 2004, as amended at 85 FR 9684, Feb. 20, 2020]