46 CFR § 54.30-15 - Requirement for analysis and computation.

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§ 54.30-15 Requirement for analysis and computation.

(a) A stress analysis shall be performed to determine if the tank may be exposed to excessive loadings during the mechanical stress relief process. This analysis should include consideration of the local stresses in way of saddles or other supporting structure and additional bending stresses due to the weight of the pressurizing liquid particularly in areas of high stress concentration. While it is necessary that the general stress level during the process be in excess of the normal working level, the calculated maximum stress during test shall not exceed 90 percent of the yield strength of the material at test temperature. The supporting structure shall be analyzed to verify its adequacy.

(b) In all cases where the tanks are mechanically stress relieved in place in the ship or barge and the tanks are designed to carry cargoes with a specific gravity less than 1.05, the ship or barge shall be shown to have adequate stability and buoyancy, as well as strength to carry the excess weight of the tank during the stress relief procedure.