46 CFR § 540.27 - Miscellaneous.

§ 540.27 Miscellaneous.

(a) If any evidence filed with the application does not comply with the requirements of this subpart, or for any reason, fails to provide adequate or satisfactory protection to the public, the Commission will notify the applicant stating the deficiencies thereof.

(b) Any financial evidence submitted to the Commission under the rules of this subpart shall be written in the full and correct name of the person to whom the Certificate (Casualty) is to be issued, and in case of a partnership, all partners shall be named.

(c) The Commission's bond (Form FMC-132B), guaranty (Form FMC-133B), and application (Form FMC-131 as set forth in subpart A of this part) forms are hereby incorporated as a part of the rules of this subpart. Any such forms filed with the Commission under this subpart must be in duplicate.

(d) Any securities or assets accepted by the Commission (from applicants, insurers, guarantors, escrow agents, or others) under the rules of this subpart must be physically located in the United States.

(e) Each applicant, insurer, escrow agent, and guarantor shall furnish a written designation of a person in the United States as legal agent for service of process for the purposes of the rules of this subpart. Such designation must be acknowledged, in writing, by the designee. In any instance in which the designated agent cannot be served because of death, disability, or unavailability, the Secretary, Federal Maritime Commission, will be deemed to be the agent for service of process. A party serving the Secretary in accordance with the above provision must also serve the certificant, insurer, escrow agent, or guarantor, as the case may be, by registered mail, at its last known address on file with the Commission.

(f) In the case of any charter arrangements involving a vessel subject to the regulations of this subpart, the vessel owner (in the event of a subcharter, the charterer shall file) must within 10 days file with the Secretary of the Commission evidence of any such arrangement.

(g) Financial data filed in connection with the rules of this subpart shall be confidential except in instances where information becomes relevant in connection with hearings which may be requested by applicant pursuant to § 540.26(a) or § 540.26(b).

(h) Every person who has been issued a Certificate (Casualty) must submit to the Commission a semiannual statement of any changes that have taken place with respect to the information contained in the application or documents submitted in support thereof. Negative statements are required to indicate no change. Such statements must cover every such 6-month period commencing with the first 6-month period of the fiscal year immediately subsequent to the date of the issuance of the Certificate (Casualty). In addition, the statements will be due within 30 days after the close of every 6-month period.