46 CFR § 56.30-30 - Brazed joints.

§ 56.30-30 Brazed joints.

(a) General (refer also to subpart 56.75). Brazed socket-type joints shall be made with suitable brazing alloys. The minimum socket depth shall be sufficient for the intended service. Brazing alloy shall either be end-fed into the socket or shall be provided in the form of a preinserted ring in a groove in the socket. The brazing alloy shall be sufficient to fill completely the annular clearance between the socket and the pipe or tube.

(b) Limitations.

(1) Brazed socket-type joints shall not be used on systems containing flammable or combustible fluids in areas where fire hazards are involved or where the service temperature exceeds 425 °F. When specifically approved by the Commandant, brazed construction may be used for service temperatures up to 525 °F. in boiler steam air heaters provided the requirements of UB-12 of section VIII ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 56.01-2) are satisfied at the highest temperature desired.

(2) Brazed joints depending solely upon a fillet, rather than primarily upon brazing material between the pipe and socket are not acceptable.

[CGFR 68-82, 33 FR 18843, Dec. 18, 1968, as amended by USCG-2003-16630, 73 FR 65178, Oct. 31, 2008]

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