46 CFR § 56.30-35 - Gasketed mechanical couplings.

§ 56.30-35 Gasketed mechanical couplings.

(a) This section applied to pipe fittings that form a seal by compressing a resilient gasket onto the pipe joint primarily by threaded fasteners and where joint creep is only restricted by such means as machined grooves, centering pins, or welded clips. Fittings to which this section applies must be designed, constructed, tested, and marked in accordance with ASTM F 1476 (incorporated by reference, see § 56.01-2) and ASTM F 1548 (incorporated by reference, see § 56.01-2). Previously approved fittings may be retained as long as they are maintained in good condition to the satisfaction of the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection.

(b) Gasketed mechanical couplings may be used within the service limitations of pressure, temperature and vibration recommended by the manufacturer, except that gasketed mechanical couplings must not be used in -

(1) Any location where leakage, undetected flooding or impingement of liquid on vital equipment may disable the vessel; or

(2) In tanks where the liquid conveyed in the piping system is not chemically compatible with the liquid in the tank.

(c) Gasketed mechanical couplings must not be used as expansion joints. Positive restraints must be included, where necessary, to prevent the coupling from creeping on the pipe and uncovering the joint. Bite-type devices do not provide positive protection against creep and are generally not accepted for this purpose. Machined grooves, centering pins, and welded clips are considered positive means of protection against creep.

[CGD 95-027, 61 FR 26001, May 23, 1996, as amended by USCG-1999-5151, 64 FR 67180, Dec. 1, 1999]

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