46 CFR Part 45, Appendix A to Part 45 - Load Line Certificate Form

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Appendix A to Part 45—Load Line Certificate Form
great lakes load line certificate
No. ___
Issued under the authority of the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, United States of America, under the provisions of the Act of August 27, 1935, as amended to establish load lines on the Great Lakes of North America and the Load Line regulations in force on ______________, 19__, By ____________, duly authorized by the Commandant to issue said load line certificate.
Certificate No.
Official No
Length (LBP)
Gross tonnage
Port of registry
Type of Ship:
TYPE “B” with increased freeboard
freeboard from deck line
Midsummer MS
Summer S
Intermediate I
Winter W
load line
above S
Upper edge of line through center of diamond
below S
below S
Increase for salt water for all freeboards __ inches.
The upper edge of the deck line from which these freeboards are measured is __ inches above or below the top of the ____ deck at side.
This is to certify that this ship has been surveyed and the freeboards and load lines shown above have been found to be correctly marked upon the vessel in manner and location as provided by the load line regulations of the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, applicable to the Great Lakes.
This certificate 1 remains in force until _______. Issued at _____ on the _______ day of _________, 19__. (Here follows the signature, seal, if any, and the name of the authority issuing the certificate.)

1 Upon the expiration of the certificate, renewal must be obtained as provided by the Great Lakes Load Line Regulations and the certificate so endorsed.

(1) In accordance with the Great Lakes Load Line Regulations the diamond and lines must be permanently marked. The “MS” loadline shall be assigned only to those particular vessels that qualify under the regulations.
(2) The “SW” marks need only be assigned to Great Lakes vessels loading in salt water of the St. Lawrence River west of a straight line from Cap de Rosiers to West Point Anticosti Island, and west of a line along longitude 63 degrees west from Anticosti Island to the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. In such cases these limits shall be indicated on the certificate.
(3) The load line assignment given by this certificate necessarily assumes that the nature and stowage of cargo, ballast, etc., are such as to secure sufficient stability for the vessel. Accordingly, it is the owner's responsibility to furnish the Master of the vessel with stability information and instructions when this is necessary to maintenance of sufficient stability.
(On the reverse side of the load line certificate, or on a separate sheet, attached and forming part of the certificate, provision is to be made for annual inspection and renewal endorsements.)

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