47 CFR § 0.201 - General provisions.

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§ 0.201 General provisions.

(a) There are three basic categories of delegations made by the Commission pursuant to section 5(c) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended:

(1) Delegations to act in non-hearing matters and proceedings. The great bulk of delegations in this category are made to bureau chiefs and other members of the Commission's staff. This category also includes delegations to individual commissioners and to boards or committees of commissioners.

(2) Delegations to rule on interlocutory matters in hearing proceedings. Delegations in this category are made to any person, other than the Commission, designated to serve as the presiding officer in a hearing proceeding pursuant to § 1.241.

(3) Delegations to review an initial decision. Delegations in this category are made to individual commissioners, to panels of commissioners.

(b) Delegations are arranged in this subpart under headings denoting the person, panel, or board to whom authority has been delegated, rather than by the categories listed in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Procedures pertaining to the filing and disposition of interlocutory pleadings in hearing proceedings are set forth in §§ 1.291 through 1.298 of this chapter. Procedures pertaining to appeals from rulings of the presiding officer are set forth in §§ 1.301 and 1.302. Procedures pertaining to reconsideration and review of actions taken pursuant to delegated authority are set forth in §§ 1.101, 1.102, 1.104, 1.106, 1.113, 1.115, and 1.117. Procedures pertaining to exceptions to initial decisions are set forth in §§ 1.276 through 1.279.

(d) The Commission, by vote of a majority of the members then holding office, may delegate its functions either by rule or by order, and may at any time amend, modify, or rescind any such rule or order.

(1) Functions of a continuing or recurring nature are delegated by rule. The rule is published in the Federal Register and is included in this subpart.

(2) Functions pertaining to a particular matter or proceeding are delegated by order. The order is published in the Federal Register and associated with the record of that matter or proceeding, but neither the order nor any reference to the delegation made thereby is included in this subpart.

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