47 CFR § 0.314 - Additional authority delegated.

§ 0.314 Additional authority delegated.

The Regional Directors are delegated authority to act upon applications, requests, or other matters, which are not in hearing status, and direct the following activities necessary to conduct investigations or inspections:

(a) On informal requests from broadcast stations to extend temporary authority for operation without monitors, plate ammeter, plate volmeter, base current meter, common point meter, and transmission line meter from FM and television stations.

(b) To act on and make determinations on behalf of the Commission regarding requests for assignments and reassignments of priorities under the Telecommunications Service Priority System, part 64 of the rules, when circumstances require immediate action and the common carrier seeking to provide service states that it cannot contact the National Communications System or the Commission office normally responsible for such assignments. To the extent possible, all such actions and determinations shall be made in coordination with the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.

(c) Require special equipment and program tests during inspections or investigations to determine compliance with technical requirements specified by the Commission.

(d) Require stations to operate with the pre-sunrise and nighttime facilities during daytime hours in order that an inspection or investigation may be made by an authorized Commission representative to determine operating parameters.

(e) Issue notices and orders to operators of industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) equipment, as provided in § 18.115 of this chapter.

(f) Act on requests for permission to resume operation of ISM equipment on a temporary basis, as provided by § 18.115 of this chapter, and requests for extensions of time within which to file final reports, as provided by § 18.117 of this chapter.

(g) Issue notices and orders to operators of part 15 devices, as provided in § 15.5 of this chapter.

(h) Issue notices and orders to suspend operations to multi-channel video programming distributors, as provided in § 76.613 of this chapter.

(i) Issue notices and orders to suspend operations to part 74 licensees, as provided in § 74.23 of this chapter.

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