47 CFR § 0.51 - Functions of the Bureau.

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§ 0.51 Functions of the Bureau.

The International Bureau has the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) To initiate and direct the development and articulation of international telecommunications policies, consistent with the priorities of the Commission;

(b) To advise the Chairman and Commissioners on matters of international telecommunications policy, and on the adequacy of the Commission's actions to promote the vital interests of the American public in international commerce, national defense, and foreign policy;

(c) To develop, recommend, and administer policies, rules, standards, and procedures for the authorization and regulation of international telecommunications facilities and services, domestic and international satellite systems, and international broadcast services;

(d) To monitor compliance with the terms and conditions of authorizations and licenses granted by the Bureau, and to pursue enforcement actions in conjunction with appropriate bureaus and offices;

(e) To represent the Commission on international telecommunications matters at both domestic and international conferences and meetings, and to direct and coordinate the Commission's preparation for such conferences and meetings;

(f) To serve as the single focal point within the Commission for cooperation and consultation on international telecommunications matters with other Federal agencies, international or foreign organizations, and appropriate regulatory bodies and officials of foreign governments;

(g) To develop, coordinate with other Federal agencies, and administer the regulatory assistance and training programs for foreign administrations to promote telecommunications development;

(h) To provide advice and technical assistance to U.S. trade officials in the negotiation and implementation of telecommunications trade agreements, and consult with other bureaus and offices as appropriate;

(i) To conduct economic, legal, technical, statistical, and other appropriate studies, surveys, and analyses in support of international telecommunications policies and programs.

(j) To collect and disseminate within the Commission information and data on international telecommunications policies, regulatory and market developments in other countries, and international organizations;

(k) To work with the Office of Legislative Affairs to coordinate the Commission's activities on significant matters of international policy with appropriate Congressional offices;

(l) To promote the international coordination of spectrum allocations and frequency and orbital assignments so as to minimize cases of international radio interference involving U.S. licensees;

(m) To direct and coordinate, in consultation with other bureaus and offices as appropriate, negotiation of international agreements to provide for arrangements and procedures for coordination of radio frequency assignments to prevent or resolve international radio interference involving U.S. licensees;

(n) To ensure fulfillment of the Commission's responsibilities under international agreements and treaty obligations, and, consistent with Commission policy, to ensure that the Commission's regulations, procedures, and frequency allocations comply with the mandatory requirements of all applicable international and bilateral agreements;

(o) To oversee and, as appropriate, administer activities pertaining to the international consultation, coordination, and notification of U.S. frequency and orbital assignments, including activities required by bilateral agreements, the international Radio Regulations, and other international agreements;

(p) To advise the Chairman on priorities for international travel and develop, coordinate, and administer the international travel plan;

(q) To exercise authority to issue non-hearing related subpoenas for the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, schedules of charges, contracts, agreements, and any other records deemed relevant to the investigation of matters within the jurisdiction of the International Bureau. Before issuing a subpoena, the International Bureau shall obtain the approval of the Office of General Counsel.

(r) To assist the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau on issues involving informal consumer complaints and other general inquiries by consumers.

(s) To coordinate with the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau on all matters affecting public safety, homeland security, national security, emergency management, disaster management, and related issues.

(t) Issue orders revoking a common carrier's operating authority pursuant to section 214 of the Act, and issue orders to cease and desist such operations, in cases where the presiding officer has issued a certification order to the Commission that the carrier has waived its opportunity for hearing under that section.

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