47 CFR § 0.91 - Functions of the Bureau.

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§ 0.91 Functions of the Bureau.
Link to an amendment published at 86 FR 48520, Aug. 31, 2021.

The Wireline Competition Bureau advises and makes recommendations to the Commission, or acts for the Commission under delegated authority, in all matters pertaining to the regulation and licensing of communications common carriers and ancillary operations (other than matters pertaining exclusively to the regulation and licensing of wireless telecommunications services and facilities). The Bureau will, among other things:

(a) Develop and recommend policy goals, objectives, programs and plans for the Commission in rulemaking and adjudicatory matters concerning wireline telecommunications, drawing on relevant economic, technological, legislative, regulatory and judicial information and developments. Overall objectives include meeting the present and future wireline telecommunications needs of the Nation; fostering economic growth; ensuring choice, opportunity, and fairness in the development of wireline telecommunications; promoting economically efficient investment in wireline telecommunications infrastructure; promoting the development and widespread availability of wireline telecommunications services; and developing deregulatory initiatives where appropriate.

(b) Act on requests for interpretation or waiver of rules.

(c) Administer the provisions of the Communications Act requiring that the charges, practices, classifications, and regulations of communications common carriers providing interstate and foreign services are just and reasonable.

(d) Act on applications for service and facility authorizations, including applications from Bell operating companies for authority to provide in-region interLATA services and applications from wireline carriers for transfers of licenses and discontinuance of service.

(e) Develop and administer rules and policies relating to incumbent local exchange carrier accounting.

(f) Develop and administer recordkeeping and reporting requirements for telecommunications carriers, providers of interconnected VoIP service (as that term is defined in § 9.3 of this chapter), and providers of broadband services.

(g) Provide federal staff support for the Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service and the Federal-State Joint Board on Jurisdictional Separations.

(h) Review the deployment of advanced telecommunications capability to ensure that such deployment is reasonable and timely, consistent with section 706 of the Act, and, where appropriate, recommend action to encourage such deployment.

(i) Provide economic, financial, and technical analyses of telecommunications markets and carrier performance.

(j) Act on petitions for de novo review of decisions of the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments regarding technical criteria pursuant to § 68.614.

(k) Interact with the public, local, state, and other governmental agencies and industry groups on wireline telecommunications regulation and related matters. Assist the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau on issues involving informal consumer complaints and other general inquiries by consumers.

(l) Review and coordinate orders, programs and actions initiated by other Bureaus and Offices in matters affecting wireline telecommunications to ensure consistency with overall Commission policy.

(m) Carry out the functions of the Commission under the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, except as reserved to the Commission under § 0.291.

(n) Address audit findings relating to the schools and libraries support mechanism, subject to the overall authority of the Managing Director as the Commission's audit follow-up official.

(o) Coordinate with the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau on all matters affecting public safety, homeland security, national security, emergency management, disaster management, and related issues.

(p) In coordination with the Office of Economics and Analytics and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, serves as the Commission's principal policy and administrative staff resource with respect to the use of market-based mechanisms, including competitive bidding, to distribute universal service support. Develops, recommends and administers policies, programs, rules and procedures concerning the use of market-based mechanisms, including competitive bidding, to distribute universal service support.

(q) Issue orders revoking a common carrier's operating authority pursuant to section 214 of the Act, and issue orders to cease and desist such operations, in cases where the presiding officer has issued a certification order to the Commission that the carrier has waived its opportunity for hearing under that section.

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