47 CFR § 1.10009 - What are the steps for electronic filing?

§ 1.10009 What are the steps for electronic filing?

(a) Step 1: Register for an FCC Registration Number (FRN). (See subpart W, §§ 1.8001 through 1.8004.)

(1) If you already have an FRN, go to Step 2.

(2) In order to process your electronic application, you must have an FRN. You may obtain an FRN either directly from the Commission Registration System (CORES) at https://www.fcc.gov/licensing-databases/online-filing, or through ICFS as part of your filing process. If you need to know more about who needs an FRN, visit CORES at https://www.fcc.gov/licensing-databases/online-filing.

(3) If you are a(n):

(i) Applicant,

(ii) Transferee and assignee,

(iii) Transferor and assignor,

(iv) Licensee/Authorization Holder, or

(v) Payer, you are required to have and use an FRN when filing applications and/or paying fees through ICFS.

(4) We use your FRN to give you secured access to ICFS and to pre-fill the application you file.

(b) Step 2: Register with ICFS.

(1) If you are already registered with ICFS, go to Step 3.

(2) In order to complete and file your electronic application, you must register in ICFS, located at https://www.fcc.gov/icfs.

(3) You can register your account in:

(i) Your name,

(ii) Your company's name, or

(iii) Your client's name.

(4) ICFS will issue you an account number as part of the registration process. You will create your own password.

(5) If you forget your password, send an email to the ICFS helpline at icfsinfo@fcc.gov or contact the helpline at (202) 418–2222 for assistance.

(c) Step 3: Log into ICFS, select the application you want to file, provide the required FRN(s) and password(s) and fill out your application. You must completely fill out forms and provide all requested information as provided in parts 1, 25, 63, and 64 of this chapter.

(1) You must provide an address where you can receive mail delivery by the United States Postal Service. You are also encouraged to provide an e-mail address. This information is used to contact you regarding your application and to request additional documentation, if necessary.

(2) Reference to material on file. You must answer questions on application forms that call for specific technical data, or that require yes or no answers or other short answers. However, if documents or other lengthy showings are already on file with us and contain the required information, you may incorporate the information by reference, as long as:

(i) The referenced information is filed in ICFS.

(ii) The referenced information is current and accurate in all material respects; and

(iii) The application states where we can find the referenced information as well as:

(A) The application file number, if the reference is to previously-filed applications

(B) The title of the proceeding, the docket number, and any legal citation, if the reference is to a docketed proceeding.

(d) Step 4: File your application. If you file your application successfully through ICFS, a confirmation screen will appear showing you the date and time of your filing and your submission ID. Print this verification for your records as proof of online filing.

(e) Step 5: Pay for your application.

(1) Most applications require that you pay a fee to us before we can begin processing your application. You can determine the amount of your fee in three ways:

(i) You can refer to § 1.1107,

(ii) You can refer to the International and Satellite Services fee guide located at http://www.fcc.gov/fees/appfees.html, or

(iii) You can run a draft electronic submission of payment online form through ICFS, in association with a filed application, and the system will automatically enter your required fee on the form.


(i) A complete FCC electronic submission of payment online form must accompany all fee payments. You must provide the FRN for both the applicant and the payer. You also must include your submission ID number on the electronic submission of payment online form in the box labeled “FCC Code 2.” In addition, for applications for transfer of control or assignment of license, call signs involved in the transaction must be entered into the “FCC Code 1” box on the FCC electronic submission of payment online form. (This may require the use of multiple rows on the electronic submission of payment online form for a single application where more than one call sign is involved.)

(ii) You can generate a pre-filled FCC electronic submission of payment online form from ICFS using your IB submission ID. For specific instructions on using ICFS to generate your FCC electronic submission of payment online form, go to the ICFS website (http://licensing.fcc.gov/icfs) and click on the “Getting Started” button.

(3) You have 3 payment options:

(i) Pay by credit card (through ICFS);

(ii) Pay by online Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment; or

(iii) Pay by wire transfer or other electronic payments.

(4) You must electronically submit payment o within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date that you file your application in ICFS. If not, we will dismiss your application.

(5) For more information on fee payments, refer to Payment Instructions found on the ICFS internet site at http://licensing.fcc.gov/icfs, under the Using ICFS link.

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