47 CFR 1.1503 - Proceedings covered.

§ 1.1503 Proceedings covered.

(a) The EAJA applies to adversary adjudications conducted by the Commission. These are adjudications under 5 U.S.C. 554 in which the position of the Commission or any other agency of the United States, or any component of an agency, is presented by an attorney or other representative who enters an appearance and participates in the proceeding. Any proceeding in which this Agency may fix a lawful present or future rate is not covered by the EAJA. Proceedings to grant or renew licenses are also excluded, but proceedings to modify, suspend, or revoke licenses are covered if they are otherwise “adversary adjudications”.

(b) The Commission may designate a proceeding as an adversary adjudication for purposes of the EAJA by so stating in an order initiating the proceeding or designating the matter for hearing. The Commission's failure to designate a proceeding as an adversary adjudication shall not preclude the filing of an application by a party who believes the proceeding is covered by the EAJA; whether the proceeding is covered will then be an issue for resolution in proceedings on the application.

(c) If a proceeding includes both matters covered by the EAJA and matters specifically excluded from coverage, any awards made will include only fees and expenses related to covered issues.

[ 47 FR 3786, Jan. 27, 1982, as amended at 52 FR 11653, Apr. 10, 1987]