47 CFR § 1.2102 - Eligibility of applications for competitive bidding.

§ 1.2102 Eligibility of applications for competitive bidding.

(a) Mutually exclusive initial applications are subject to competitive bidding.

(b) The following types of license applications are not subject to competitive bidding procedures:

(1) Public safety radio services, including private internal radio services used by state and local governments and non-government entities and including emergency road services provided by not-for-profit organizations, that

(i) Are used to protect the safety of life, health, or property; and

(ii) Are not commercially available to the public;

(2) Initial licenses or construction permits for digital television service given to existing terrestrial broadcast licensees to replace their analog television service licenses; or

(3) Noncommercial educational and public broadcast stations described under 47 U.S.C. 397(6).

(c) [Reserved]

Note to § 1.2102:

To determine the rules that apply to competitive bidding, specific service rules should also be consulted.

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