47 CFR 1.291 - General provisions.

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§ 1.291 General provisions.


(1) The Commission acts on petitions to amend, modify, enlarge or delete the issues in hearing proceedings which involve rule making matters exclusively. It also acts on interlocutory pleadings filed in matters or proceedings which are before the Commission.

(2) The Chief Administrative Law Judge acts on those interlocutory matters listed in § 0.351 of this chapter.

(3) All other interlocutory matters in hearing proceedings are acted on by the presiding officer. See §§ 0.218 and 0.341 of this chapter.

(4) Each interlocutory pleading shall indicate in its caption whether the pleading is to be acted upon by the Commission, the Chief Administrative Law Judge, or the presiding officer. If the pleading is to be acted upon by the presiding officer, he shall be identified by name.

(b) All interlocutory pleadings shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions of §§ 1.4, 1.44, 1.47, 1.48, 1.49, and 1.52.


(1) Procedural rules governing interlocutory pleadings are set forth in §§ 1.294-1.298.

(2) Rules governing appeal from, and reconsideration of, interlocutory rulings made by the presiding officer are set forth in §§ 1.301 and 1.303.

(3) Rules governing the review of interlocutory rulings made by the Chief Administrative Law Judge are set forth in §§ 1.101, 1.102(b), 1.115, and 1.117. Petitions requesting reconsideration of an interlocutory ruling made by the Commission, or the Chief Administrative Law Judge will not be entertained. See, however, § 1.113.

(d) No initial decision shall become effective under § 1.276(e) until all interlocutory matters pending before the Commission in the proceeding at the time the initial decision is issued have been disposed of and the time allowed for appeal from interlocutory rulings of the presiding officer has expired.

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