47 CFR § 1.89 - Notice of violations.

§ 1.89 Notice of violations.

(a) Except in cases of willfulness or those in which public health, interest, or safety requires otherwise, any person who holds a license, permit or other authorization appearing to have violated any provision of the Communications Act or any provision of this chapter will, before revocation, suspension, or cease and desist proceedings are instituted, be served with a written notice calling these facts to his or her attention and requesting a statement concerning the matter. FCC Form 793 may be used for this purpose. The Notice of Violation may be combined with a Notice of Apparent Liability to Monetary Forfeiture. In such event, notwithstanding the Notice of Violation, the provisions of § 1.80 apply and not those of § 1.89.

(b) Within 10 days from receipt of notice or such other period as may be specified, the recipient shall send a written answer, in duplicate, directly to the Commission office originating the official notice. If an answer cannot be sent or an acknowledgment cannot be made within such 10-day period by reason of illness or other unavoidable circumstance, acknowledgment and answer shall be made at the earliest practicable date with a satisfactory explanation of the delay.

(c) The answer to each notice shall be complete in itself and shall not be abbreviated by reference to other communications or answers to other notices. In every instance the answer shall contain a statement of action taken to correct the condition or omission complained of and to preclude its recurrence. In addition:

(1) If the notice relates to violations that may be due to the physical or electrical characteristics of transmitting apparatus and any new apparatus is to be installed, the answer shall state the date such apparatus was ordered, the name of the manufacturer, and the promised date of delivery. If the installation of such apparatus requires a construction permit, the file number of the application shall be given, or if a file number has not been assigned by the Commission, such identification shall be given as will permit ready identification of the application.

(2) If the notice of violation relates to lack of attention to or improper operation of the transmitter, the name and license number of the operator in charge (where applicable) shall be given.

[48 FR 24890, June 3, 1983]