47 CFR § 1.947 - Modification of licenses.

§ 1.947 Modification of licenses.

(a) All major modifications, as defined in § 1.929 of this part, require prior Commission approval. Applications for major modifications also shall be treated as new applications for determination of filing date, Public Notice, and petition to deny purposes.

(b) Licensees may make minor modifications to station authorizations, as defined in § 1.929 (other than pro forma transfers and assignments), as a matter of right without prior Commission approval. Where other rules in this part permit licensees to make permissive changes to technical parameters without notifying the Commission (e.g., adding, modifying, or deleting internal sites), no notification is required. For all other types of minor modifications (e.g., name, email or physical mailing address, point of contact changes), licensees must notify the Commission by filing FCC Form 601 within thirty (30) days of implementing any such changes.

(c) Multiple pending modification applications requesting changes to the same or related technical parameters on an authorization are not permitted. If a modification application is pending, any additional changes to the same or related technical parameters may be requested only in an amendment to the pending modification application.

(d) Any proposed modification that requires a fee as set forth at part 1, subpart G, of this chapter must be filed in accordance with § 1.913.

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