47 CFR § 101.1523 - Sharing and coordination among non-government licensees and between non-government and government services.

§ 101.1523 Sharing and coordination among non-government licensees and between non-government and government services.

(a) Registration of each link in the 71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz, and 92-95 GHz bands will be in the Universal Licensing System until the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announces by public notice the implementation of a third-party database.

(b) The licensee or applicant shall:

(1) Complete coordination with Federal Government links according to the coordination standards and procedures adopted in Report and Order, FCC 03-248, and as further detailed in subsequent implementation public notices issued consistent with that order;

(2) Provide an electronic copy of an interference analysis to the third-party database manager which demonstrates that the potential for harmful interference to or from all previously registered non-government links has been analyzed according to the standards of section 101.105 and generally accepted good engineering practice, and that the proposed non-government link will neither cause harmful interference to, nor receive harmful interference from, any previously registered non-government link; and

(3) Provide upon request any information related to the interference analysis and the corresponding link. The third-party database managers shall receive and retain the interference analyses electronically and make them available to the public. Protection of individual links against harmful interference from other links shall be granted to first-in-time registered links. Successful completion of coordination via the NTIA automated mechanism shall constitute successful non-Federal Government to Federal Government coordination for that individual link.

(c) In addition, the following types of non-Federal Government links require the filing with the Commission an FCC Form 601 for each link for the purpose of coordination and registration, in addition to registering each link in the third-party database:

(1) Facilities requiring the submission of an Environmental Assessment,

(2) Facilities requiring international coordination, and

(3) Operation in quiet zones.

(d) The Commission believes the licensee is in the best position to determine the nature of its operations and whether those operations impact these settings, and is required to submit to a database manager, as part of the registration package, documentation that an FCC Form 601 has been filed.

[69 FR 3267, Jan. 23, 2004, as amended at 70 FR 29998, May 25, 2005]