47 CFR § 101.5 - Station authorization required.

§ 101.5 Station authorization required.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) A separate application form must be filed electronically via ULS for each Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS) Nodal Station. No license is required for a DEMS User Station or for a Multiple Address System (MAS) remote or mobile station. Authority for a DEMS Nodal Station licensee to serve a specific number of user stations to be licensed in the name of the carrier must be requested on FCC Form 601 filed for the DEMS Nodal Station. Authority for any number of MAS remotes and authority to serve MAS mobiles (to the extent this part permits such operation) within a specified area will be included in the authority for the MAS fixed master stations.

(c) [Reserved]

(d) For stations authorized under subpart H (Private Operational Fixed Point-to-Point Microwave Service), subpart I (Common Carrier Fixed Point-to-Point Microwave Service), and subpart L of this part (Local Multipoint Distribution Service), construction of new or modified stations may be initiated prior to grant of an authorization. As a condition to commencing construction under this paragraph (d), the Commission may, at any time and without hearing or notice, prohibit such construction for any reason. Any construction conducted under this paragraph is at the applicant's sole risk.

[61 FR 26677, May 28, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 23164, Apr. 29, 1997; 63 FR 68981, Dec. 14, 1998; 68 FR 4955, Jan. 31, 2003]

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