47 CFR § 101.63 - Period of construction; certification of completion of construction.

§ 101.63 Period of construction; certification of completion of construction.

(a) Each Station, except in Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service, Local Multipoint Distribution Service, and the 24 GHz Service, authorized under this part must be in operation within 18 months from the initial date of grant.

(b) For the 70 GHz, 80 GHz, and 90 GHz bands, the 12-month construction period will commence on the date of each registration of each individual link; adding links will not change the overall renewal period of the license.

(c) Failure to timely begin operation means the authorization cancels automatically.

(d) The frequencies associated with all point-to-multipoint authorizations which have cancelled automatically or otherwise been recovered by the Commission will again be made available for reassignment on a date and under terms set forth by Public Notice. See § 101.1331(d) for treatment of MAS incumbent site-by-site licenses recovered in EAs.

(e) Requests for extension of time may be granted upon a showing of good cause pursuant to § 1.946(e) of this chapter.

(f) Construction of any authorized facility or frequency must be completed by the date specified in the license as pursuant to § 1.946 of this chapter.

(g) MVPD licensees which have both analog and digital emissions designators specified on the license and which already have, or may transition from analog to digital operations, or a combination of both, meet their completion of construction requirements and do not automatically surrender their license provided they are using either set of emissions. If the licensee has completed the transition to digital, the license can remove the unused analog emission designators the next time a modification or renewal application is filed.

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