47 CFR § 101.82 - Reimbursement and relocation expenses in the 2110-2150 MHz and 2160-2200 MHz bands.

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§ 101.82 Reimbursement and relocation expenses in the 2110-2150 MHz and 2160-2200 MHz bands.

(a) Reimbursement and relocation expenses for the 2110-2130 MHz and 2160-2200 MHz bands are addressed in §§ 27.1160-27.1174.

(b) Cost-sharing obligations between AWS and MSS (space-to-Earth downlink). Whenever an ET licensee (AWS or Mobile Satellite Service for space-to-Earth downlink in the 2130-2150 or 2180-2200 MHz bands) relocates an incumbent paired microwave link with one path in the 2130-2150 MHz band and the paired path in the 2180-2200 MHz band, the relocator is entitled to reimbursement of 50 percent of its relocation costs (see paragraph (e)) of this section from any other AWS licensee or MSS space-to-Earth downlink operator which would have been required to relocate the same fixed microwave link as set forth in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section.

(c) Cost-sharing obligations for MSS (space-to-Earth downlinks). For an MSS space-to-Earth downlink, the cost-sharing obligation is based on the interference criteria for relocation, i.e., TIA TSB 86 or any standard successor, relative to the relocated microwave link. Subsequently entering MSS space-to-Earth downlink operators must reimburse AWS or MSS space-to-Earth relocators (see paragraph (e)) of this section before the later entrant may begin operations in these bands, unless the later entrant can demonstrate that it would not have interfered with the microwave link in question.

(d) Cost-sharing obligations among terrestrial stations. For terrestrial stations (AWS), cost-sharing obligations are governed by §§ 27.1160 through 27.1174 of this chapter; provided, however, that MSS operators are not obligated to reimburse voluntarily relocating FMS incumbents in the 2180-2200 MHz band. (AWS reimbursement and cost-sharing obligations relative to voluntarily relocating FMS incumbents are governed by § 27.1166 of this chapter).

(e) The total costs of which 50 percent is to be reimbursed will not exceed $250,000 per paired fixed microwave link relocated, with an additional $150,000 permitted if a new or modified tower is required.

[71 FR 29843, May 24, 2006, as amended at 78 FR 8272, Feb. 5, 2013]

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