47 CFR § 101.95 - Sunset provisions for licensees in the 18.30-19.30 GHz band.

§ 101.95 Sunset provisions for licensees in the 18.30-19.30 GHz band.

(a) FSS licensees are not required to pay relocation costs after the relocation rules sunset (see §§ 74.502(c), 74.602(g), and 78.18(a)(4) of this chapter, and 101.147 (a) and (r)). Once the relocation rules sunset, an FSS licensee may require the incumbent to cease operations, provided that the FSS licensee intends to turn on a system within interference range of the incumbent, as determined by TIA Bulletin 10-F or any standard successor. FSS licensee notification to the affected FS licensee must be in writing and must provide the incumbent with no less than six months to vacate the spectrum. After the six-month notice period has expired, the FS licensee must turn its license back into the Commission, unless the parties have entered into an agreement which allows the FS licensee to continue to operate on a mutually agreed upon basis.

(b) If the parties cannot agree on a schedule or an alternative arrangement, requests for extension will be accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Commission will grant such extensions only if the incumbent can demonstrate that:

(1) It cannot relocate within the six-month period (e.g., because no alternative spectrum or other reasonable option is available); and

(2) The public interest would be harmed if the incumbent is forced to terminate operations (e.g., if public safety communications services would be disrupted).

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