47 CFR § 2.925 - Identification of equipment.

§ 2.925 Identification of equipment.

(a) Each equipment covered in an application for equipment authorization shall bear a label listing the following:

(1) FCC Identifier consisting of the two elements in the exact order specified in § 2.926. The FCC Identifier shall be preceded by the term FCC ID in capital letters on a single line, and shall be of a type size large enough to be legible without the aid of magnification.

(2) Any other statements or labeling requirements imposed by the rules governing the operation of the specific class of equipment, except that such statement(s) of compliance may appear on a separate label at the option of the applicant/grantee.

(3) The information required may be provided electronically pursuant to § 2.935.

(b) Any device subject to more than one equipment authorization procedure may be assigned a single FCC Identifier. However, a single FCC Identifier is required to be assigned to any device consisting of two or more sections assembled in a common enclosure, on a common chassis or circuit board, and with common frequency controlling circuits. Devices to which a single FCC Identifier has been assigned shall be identified pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section.

(1) Separate FCC Identifiers may be assigned to a device consisting of two or more sections assembled in a common enclosure, but constructed on separate sub-units or circuit boards with independent frequency controlling circuits. The FCC Identifier assigned to any transmitter section shall be preceded by the term TX FCC ID, the FCC Identifier assigned to any receiver section shall be preceded by the term RX FCC ID and the identifier assigned to any remaining section(s) shall be preceded by the term FCC ID.

(2) Where terminal equipment subject to part 68 of this chapter, and a radiofrequency device subject to equipment authorization requirements are assembled in a common enclosure, the device shall be labeled in accordance with the Hearing Aid Compatibility-related requirements in part 68 of this chapter and the requirements published by the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments, and shall also display the FCC Identifier in the format specified in paragraph (a) of this section.

(3) For a transceiver, the receiver portion of which is subject to Supplier's Declaration of Conformity pursuant to § 15.101 of this chapter, and the transmitter portion is subject to certification, the FCC Identifier required for the transmitter portion shall be preceded by the term FCC ID.

(c) [Reserved]

(d) In order to validate the grant of equipment authorization, the nameplate or label shall be permanently affixed to the equipment and shall be readily visible to the purchaser at the time of purchase.

(1) As used here, permanently affixed means that the required nameplate data is etched, engraved, stamped, indelibly printed, or otherwise permanently marked on a permanently attached part of the equipment enclosure. Alternatively, the required information may be permanently marked on a nameplate of metal, plastic, or other material fastened to the equipment enclosure by welding, riveting, etc., or with a permanent adhesive. Such a nameplate must be able to last the expected lifetime of the equipment in the environment in which the equipment will be operated and must not be readily detachable.

(2) As used here, readily visible means that the nameplate or nameplate data must be visible from the outside of the equipment enclosure. It is preferable that it be visible at all times during normal installation or use, but this is not a prerequisite for grant of equipment authorization.

(e) A software defined radio may be equipped with a means such as a user display screen to display the FCC identification number normally contained in the nameplate or label. The information must be readily accessible, and the user manual must describe how to access the electronic display.

(f) The FCC Identifier including the term “FCC ID” shall be in a size of type large enough to be readily legible, consistent with the dimensions of the equipment and its label. However, the type size for the FCC Identifier is not required to be larger than eight-point. If a device is so small that it is impractical to label it with the FCC Identifier in a font that is four-point or larger, and the device does not have a display that can show electronic labeling, then the FCC Identifier shall be placed in the user manual and must also either be placed on the device packaging or on a removable label attached to the device.

Note to paragraph (f):

As an example, a device intended to be implanted within the body of a test animal or person would probably require an alternate method of identification.

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