47 CFR § 2.933 - Change in identification of equipment.

§ 2.933 Change in identification of equipment.

(a) A new application for certification shall be filed whenever there is a change in the FCC Identifier for the equipment with or without a change in design, circuitry or construction. However, a change in the model/type number or trade name performed in accordance with the provisions in § 2.924 of this chapter is not considered to be a change in identification and does not require additional authorization.

(b) An application filed pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section where no change in design, circuitry or construction is involved, need not be accompanied by a resubmission of equipment or measurement or test data customarily required with a new application, unless specifically requested. In lieu thereof, the applicant shall attach a statement setting out:

(1) The original identification used on the equipment prior to the change in identification.

(2) The date of the original grant of the equipment authorization.

(3) How the equipment bearing the modified identification differs from the original equipment.

(4) Whether the original test results continue to be representative of and applicable to the equipment bearing the changed identification.

(5) The photographs required by § 2.1033(b)(7) or (c)(12) showing the exterior appearance of the equipment, including the operating controls available to the user and the identification label. Photographs of the construction, the component placement on the chassis, and the chassis assembly are not required to be submitted unless specifically requested.

(c) If the change in the FCC Identifier also involves a change in design or circuitry which falls outside the purview of a permissive change described in § 2.1043, a complete application shall be filed pursuant to § 2.911.

[63 FR 36598, July 7, 1998, as amended at 80 FR 33441, June 12, 2015]