47 CFR § 214.4 - Planned actions.

§ 214.4 Planned actions.

(a) Whenever it is determined necessary to exercise, in whole or in part, the President's emergency authority over telecommunications, the Director, OSTP, will exercise that authority as specified in Executive Order 12472 (49 FR 13471; 3 CFR, 1984 Comp., p. 193).

(b) In this connection, and concurrently with the war or national emergency proclamation by the President, the Director will:

(1) Authorize the continuance of all frequency authorizations issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), except as they may otherwise be modified or revoked by the Director, OSTP, in the national interest;

(2) Redelegate to the Secretary of Defense the authority necessary to control the use of the radio spectrum in areas of active combat, where such control is necessary to the support of U.S. military operations;

(3) Close all non-government radio stations in the international broadcasting service as defined in the FCC rules and regulations, except those carrying or scheduled to carry U.S. Government-controlled radio broadcasts.