47 CFR § 214.5 - Responsibilities.

§ 214.5 Responsibilities.

(a) The Director, OSTP, will issue such policy guidance, rules, regulations, procedures, and directives as may be necessary to assure effective frequency usage during wartime emergency conditions.

(b) The FCC, in coordination with NTIA, shall issue appropriate rules, regulations, orders, and instructions and take such other actions not inconsistent with the actions of the Director, OSTP, and the NTIA Emergency Readiness Plan for Use of the Radio Spectrum as may be necessary to ensure the effective use of those portions of the radio spectrum shared by Government and non-governments users.

(c) The FCC shall assist the Director in the preparation of emergency plans pursuant to section 3(h)(3) of Executive Order 12472.

(d) Each Federal Government agency concerned shall develop and be prepared to implement its own plans, and shall make necessary preemergency arrangements with non-government entities for the provision of desired facilities or services, all subject to the guidance and control of the Director.