47 CFR § 22.880 - Information exchange.

§ 22.880 Information exchange.

(a) Prior notification. Public safety/CII licensees may notify a commercial aviation air-ground system licensee that they wish to receive prior notification of the activation or modification of a commercial aviation air-ground system ground station site in their area. Thereafter, the commercial aviation air-ground system licensee must provide the following information to the public safety/CII licensee at least 10 business days before a new ground station is activated or an existing ground station is modified:

(1) Location;

(2) Effective radiated power;

(3) Antenna manufacturer, model number, height above ground level and up tilt angle, as installed;

(4) Channels available for use.

(b) Purpose of prior notification. The prior notification of ground station activation or modification is for informational purposes only: public safety/CII licensees are not afforded the right to accept or reject the activation of a proposed ground station or to unilaterally require changes in its operating parameters. The principal purposes of prior notification are to:

(1) Allow a public safety licensee to advise the commercial aviation air-ground system licensee whether it believes a proposed ground station will generate unacceptable interference;

(2) Permit commercial aviation air-ground system licensee(s) to make voluntary changes in ground station parameters when a public safety licensee alerts them to possible interference; and

(3) Rapidly identify the source if interference is encountered when the ground station is activated.

[70 FR 19312, Apr. 13, 2005]

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