47 CFR § 22.973 - Information exchange.

§ 22.973 Information exchange.

(a) Prior notification. Public safety/CII licensees may notify a part 90 ESMR or cellular radiotelephone licensee that they wish to receive prior notification of the activation or modification of part 90 ESMR or cellular radiotelephone cell sites in their area. Thereafter, the part 90 ESMR or cellular radiotelephone licensee must provide the following information to the public safety/CII licensee at least 10 business days before a new cell site is activated or an existing cell site is modified:

(1) Location;

(2) Effective radiated power;

(3) Antenna height;

(4) Channels available for use.

(b) Purpose of prior notification. The prior coordination of cell sites is for informational purposes only. Public safety/CII licensees are not afforded the right to accept or reject the activation of a proposed cell or to unilaterally require changes in its operating parameters. The principal purposes of notification are to:

(1) Allow a public safety licensee to advise the part 90 of this chapter ESMR or Cellular Radiotelephone licensee whether it believes a proposed cell will generate unacceptable interference;

(2) Permit Cellular Radiotelephone or part 90 of this chapter ESMR licensees to make voluntary changes in cell parameters when a public safety licensee alerts them to possible interference; and

(3) Rapidly identify the source if interference is encountered when the cell is activated.

[69 FR 67834, Nov. 22, 2004]