47 CFR § 25.148 - Licensing provisions for the Direct Broadcast Satellite Service.

§ 25.148 Licensing provisions for the Direct Broadcast Satellite Service.

(a) License terms. License terms for DBS facilities are specified in § 25.121(a).

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Geographic service requirements. Those entities acquiring DBS authorizations after January 19, 1996, or who after January 19, 1996 modify a previous DBS authorization to launch a replacement satellite, must provide DBS service to Alaska and Hawaii where such service is technically feasible from the authorized orbital location. This requirement does not apply to DBS satellites authorized to operate at the 61.5° W.L. orbital location. DBS applicants seeking to operate from locations other than 61.5° W.L. who do not provide service to Alaska and Hawaii, must provide technical analyses to the Commission demonstrating that such service is not feasible as a technical matter, or that while technically feasible such services would require so many compromises in satellite design and operation as to make it economically unreasonable.

(d)-(e) [Reserved]

(f) Technical qualifications. DBS operations must be in accordance with the sharing criteria and technical characteristics contained in Appendices 30 and 30A of the ITU's Radio Regulations. Operation of systems using differing technical characteristics may be permitted, with adequate technical showing, and if a request has been made to the ITU to modify the appropriate Plans to include the system's technical parameters.

[67 FR 51113, Aug. 7, 2002, as amended at 86 FR 49489, Sept. 3, 2021]

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