47 CFR 27.1168 - Triggering a Reimbursement Obligation.

§ 27.1168 Triggering a Reimbursement Obligation.

(a) The clearinghouse will apply the following test to determine when an AWS entity has triggered a cost-sharing obligation and therefore must pay an AWS relocator, MSS relocator, or a voluntarily relocating microwave incumbent in accordance with the formula detailed in § 27.1164:

(1) All or part of the relocated microwave link was initially co-channel with the licensed AWS band(s) of the AWS entity or the selected assignment of the MSS operator that seeks and obtains ATC authority (see § 25.149(a)(2)(i) of this chapter);

(2) An AWS relocator, MSS relocator or a voluntarily relocating microwave incumbent has paid the relocation costs of the microwave incumbent; and

(3) The AWS or MSS entity is operating or preparing to turn on a fixed base station at commercial power and the fixed base station is located within a rectangle (Proximity Threshold) described as follows:

(i) The length of the rectangle shall be x where x is a line extending through both nodes of the microwave link to a distance of 48 kilometers (30 miles) beyond each node. The width of the rectangle shall be y where y is a line perpendicular to x and extending for a distance of 24 kilometers (15 miles) on both sides of x. Thus, the rectangle is represented as follows:

(ii) If the application of the Proximity Threshold Test indicates that a reimbursement obligation exists, the clearinghouse will calculate the reimbursement amount in accordance with the cost-sharing formula and notify the AWS entity of the total amount of its reimbursement obligation.

(b) Once a reimbursement obligation is triggered, the AWS entity may not avoid paying its cost-sharing obligation by deconstructing or modifying its facilities.

[ 71 FR 29835, May 24, 2006, as amended at 78 FR 8271, Jan. 5, 2013]
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