47 CFR 27.1180 - The cost-sharing formula.

§ 27.1180 The cost-sharing formula.

(a) An AWS licensee that relocates a BRS system with which it interferes is entitled to pro rata reimbursement based on the cost-sharing formula specified in § 27.1164, except that the depreciation factor shall be [180−Tm]/180, and the variable C shall be applied as set forth in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b)C is the actual cost of relocating the system, and includes, but is not limited to, such items as: Radio terminal equipment (TX and/or RX - antenna, necessary feed lines, MUX/Modems); towers and/or modifications; back-up power equipment; monitoring or control equipment; engineering costs (design/path survey); installation; systems testing; FCC filing costs; site acquisition and civil works; zoning costs; training; disposal of old equipment; test equipment (vendor required); spare equipment; project management; site lease renegotiation; required antenna upgrades for interference control; power plant upgrade (if required); electrical grounding systems; Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) (if required); alternate transport equipment; leased facilities; and end user units served by the base station that is being relocated. In addition to actual costs, C may include the cost of an independent third party appraisal conducted pursuant to § 27.1182(a)(3) and incumbent transaction expenses that are directly attributable to the relocation, subject to a cap of two percent of the “hard” costs involved. Hard costs are defined as the actual costs associated with providing a replacement system, such as equipment and engineering expenses. There is no cap on the actual costs of relocation.

(c) An AWS system shall be considered an interfering system for purposes of this rule if the AWS system is in all or part of the BRS frequency band and operates within line of sight to BRS operations under the applicable test specified in § 27.1184. An AWS relocator that relocates a BRS system with which it does not interfere is entitled to full reimbursement, as specified in § 27.1182(c).