47 CFR 27.1235 - Post-transition notification.

§ 27.1235 Post-transition notification.

The proponent(s) must certify to the Commission at the Office of the Secretary, Washington, DC, that the Transition Plan has been fully implemented.

(a) The notification must provide the identification of the licensees that have transitioned to the band plan in § 27.5(i)(2) and the specific frequencies on which each licensee is operating.

(b) For each station in the MBS, the notification must provide the following information:

(1) The station coordinates,

(2) The make and model of each antenna,

(3) The horizontal and vertical pattern of the antenna;

(4) EIRP of the main lobe;

(5) Orientation;

(6) Height of antenna center of radiation;

(7) Transmitter output power;

(8) All line and combiner losses.

(c) The proponent(s) must provide copies of the post-transition notice to all parties of the transition.

(d) A BRS or EBS licensee must file any objection to the post-transition notification within 30 days from the date the post-transition notification is placed on Public Notice.

[ 69 FR 72034, Dec. 10, 2004, as amended at 71 FR 35193, June 19, 2006]
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