47 CFR § 3.28 - Denial of privilege.

§ 3.28 Denial of privilege.

(a) The Commission, in its sole discretion, may refuse to grant an application to become an accounting authority for any of the following reasons:

(1) Failure to provide evidence of acceptable financial responsibility;

(2) If the applicant, in the opinion of the FCC reviewing official, does not possess the qualifications necessary to the proper functioning of an accounting authority;

(3) Application is not personally signed by the proper official(s);

(4) Applicant does not provide evidence that accounting operations will take place in the United States or its territories and the applicant does not already possess an AAIC issued by another administration;

(5) Application is incomplete, the applicant fails to provide additional information requested by the Commission or the applicant indicates that it cannot meet a particular provision; or

(6) When the Commission determines that the grant of an authorization is contrary to the public interest.

(b) These rules provide sufficient latitude to address defects in applications. Entities seeking review should follow procedures set forth in § 1.106 or § 1.115 of this chapter.