47 CFR § 3.29 - Notifications.

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§ 3.29 Notifications.

(a) The Commission will publish the name of an applicant in a Public Notice before granting certification and will invite informal public comment on the qualifications of the applicant from any interested parties. Comments received will be taken into consideration by the Commission in making its determination as to whether to approve an applicant as an accounting authority. Thirty days will be allowed for submission of comments.

(b) The Commission will notify each applicant in writing as to whether the applicant has been approved as an accounting authority. If the application is not approved, the Commission will provide a brief statement of the grounds for denial.

(c) The names and addresses of all newly certified accounting authorities will be published in a Public Notice issued by the Commission. Additionally, the Commission will notify the ITU within 30 days of any changes to its approved list of accounting authorities.